Tabor congregation is one of more than seven thousand congregations the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus /EECMY/ has all over the Ethiopia. It is found in Hawassa, the capital for the Southern Nation, Nationalities and Peoples Regional Government (SNNPRG), 275 km South of Addis Ababa.

Tabor congregation is one of the fruits of the Norwegian Lutheran Mission /NLM/ work in Ethiopia. The NLM came to Ethiopia in 1948 and started mission work in the southern part of Ethiopia. As a result of that work, Hawassa congregation, which is the mother congregation for Tabor, was established in 1961.

In 1992, due to the rapid growth of the town and some of her members was living very far from her, Hawassa congregation wanted to establish the second congregation within the town and to that endeavor finally Tabor Congregation was established officially as an autonomous congregation on October19, 1996 with a total members of 368, including children, which about 150 were communicant members.

At her establishment, Tabor congregation has no organized ministries as well as ministers except that of two evangelists, one guard and elders’ board. For the basic ministries like Choir, program leading and sermons ministers were provided by the mother congregation, Hawassa.

Within the last fourteen years Tabor congregation has grown dramatically in different directions and ministries. At the end 2010 she has about 107 workers including full time ministers in Hawassa town and outreach and In-country/In-Land mission centres, and more than 300 volunteers for different ministries and activities such as; Regular services, School (both primary and secondary, and kindergarten), and the like. Out of 107 ministers and workers, 53 are deployed for the evangelistic ministry. The total membership of the congregation, according to the 2010 statistics was 6168, which 2549 are communicants and about 1000 are children.

Thirteen congregations have been established across the country by Tabor congregation within the last fourteen years of the establishment. Four in Hawassa, four around Arsi outreach area, and five in Kaffa zone- the southwest of the country, about 700 kms from Hawassa. Right now there are 2 outreach centres around Hawassa town, 32 in Arsi area, 11 mission centres in Kaffa zone, and 2 in South Omo Nyangatom Woreda and one each in Gondar, Tigray – northern part of the country, Afar and Harar- eastern part of the country. In 2011 four more In-Land Mission centres will be added: these are, one additional in Gondar, one in Debre Markos, one in Melka Sedi and one in Borena areas.


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